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Ackerman Chiropractic and Wellness is pleased to present the latest innovation in healing – The BioCharger™ NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalisation platform. The transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimise and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. The BioCharger™ NG is completely non-invasive, and has proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity. This unprecedented technology represents more than 25 years of research, development, and validation that builds upon more than 80 years of documented research by internationally acclaimed scientists and early energy healing pioneers such as Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky and Royal Rife. It is the world’s first software based, solid state, mobile & cloud compatible high voltage multi-frequency, resonant transformer (modified Tesla Coil) that wirelessly and simultaneously transmits pulsed waves of electromagnetic, electrodynamic and photonic energy. The BioCharger™ NG embodies a revolutionary technology when compared to the antiquated analog technology of existing Rife machines, multi-wave oscillators and various Photonic light therapies. The result is a precisely controlled radiant energy field that wirelessly delivers the energy to revitalise and restore balance to the body.

The BioCharger™ NG is non-invasive. The BioCharger™ NG is not a medical device. It is a subtle energy revitalization platform that wirelessly projects pulsed electromagnetic energy through a predefined range of frequencies that can include radio, sound, and light. We currently cannot accept anyone with a pacemaker, metal implants, epilepsy, pregnant women, or children under 12 years old.

The following are popular recipes we offer. During your first visit, we will establish the best recipes for your optimum outcome.

1. Energy

If you're experiencing fatigue mid-way through your day, this recipe (5 hour Energy) will give you the added fuel to carry you way past dinner. Your sleep will improve too.

2. Energy Center Balancing

Energy Center Balancing is designed to promote the balancing, toning and opening of energy centers that are a part of the energetic anatomy of the body).

3. Clearhead

If you are experiencing head related issues, such as headaches or sinus etc. this recipe (Clearhead) is designed to assist these circumstances.

4. Tonic

This recipe (Default) was the first ever recipe to be created for the BioCharger. It is a very effective general Rife style sweep recipe used as a sort of "tonic" for the body.

5. Good Digestion

If you are having troubles maintaining a smooth digestive system then this recipe (Good Digestion) will assist this as it supports healthy digestion.

6. Happy Days

Happy days is designed to support mood elevation and specifically to improve your mood and encourage a positive outlook on life.

7. I Have Your Back

If you're experiencing aches and pain down your spine and back area than this recipe ( I Have Your Back) is the perfect recipe. It uses narrow sweeps in order to support your back and spine pain.

8. Migraine Relief

If its common for you to have migraines and terrible headaches throughout the day, this recipe (Migraine Relief) is designed as adjunctive support for headaches and related conditions.

9. Multiwave Sweep

The Multiwave Sweep offers a full sweep of pulsed electromagnetic fields, plasma gas technology, monochromatic light therapy, photon therapy, non-invasive (wireless) application and micro-current technology to give your body a complete overhaul.

10. Nirvana 2.0

Nirvana 2.0 is designed to support your relaxation during the day time and improve your sleeping patterns during the night.

11. Nitro

If you are an athlete sensing constant demanding stress then this Nitro recipe will support your physical endurance, hard work or athletic performance and training.

12. PurifyRecover (11)

This recipe uses sweep frequencies to target all five types of pathogens and is used to assist with purification and revitalisation of your body.

13. Rebounder

If you are a physical athlete experiencing pain and aches from constant training, then this recipe will help to assist your athletic recovery and improve performance.

14. Schumann Low Duty Cycle

This Schumann Low Duty Cycle is slightly different to most other recipes as it uses a low duty pulse consistently to slowly relax and assist balance of your body.

15. SolfeggioSerenity

The Solfeggio musical scale creates a peaceful and relaxing environment to be in while alpha waves are played at the beginning and end of the session that aim to benefit your wellbeing.

16. Theta Wave (12)

Theta waves are associated with tranquil states of awareness in which vivid imagery can often occur. This state can be helpful for relaxation and may assist with sleep.

17. Tummy Rub

This recipe sounds as exciting as the name given (Tummy Rub) as it helps to assist the digestive system and improve all overall stomach issues.

18. Unshakeable Sweep

Unshakeable Sweep is an adaptation of the Default recipe, and is used as a sort of "tonic" for the body. This recipe can be used in just about any situation and is one of the more versatile recipes.

The BioCharger™ NG is a wireless transmitter of healing energy. The electrotherapeutic device generates and transmits energy by exciting noble gases within glass tubes and radiating the resultant colour and energy into the environment and to whomever is in proximity of the machine. Living tissues and cells act as capacitors and condensers, concentrating and dispensing the healing energy that is emitted. For those who suffer from chronic, frequent, or recurring physical or emotional discomfort, the BioCharger™ NG re-energizes weakened cells, and revitalizes the body’s natural magnetic energy, to align mind and body, which helps to restore health and wellness. The non-invasive technology of the BioCharger™ NG stimulates individual cells by increasing their voltage. If you think of each cell as being like a battery with voltage, the more energy each cell has the healthier its chemical makeup. Studies found that healthy cells have a charge of 70-80 millivolts. Sick cells, a charge of 30-40 millivolts and Cancer cells 15-20 millivolts. Anything that can boost the voltage of our cells allows them to become healthier. With over 500 recipes and growing, the BioCharger™ NG is constantly adaptable to any subtle energy revitalisation need. Ask if we have a recipe for you! Most people feel very relaxed and tranquil during a session. It’s recommended to think of a single intention during a session (5-15 minutes), generally focusing on overcoming whatever challenge you are facing. There is little question that our thoughts and emotions can affect our health, wellness or healing process in a positive or negative way. People who focus on a single intention repeatedly, tell us they feel rejuvenated, more mental clarity, happier and typically sleep better. Under normal recommended use, the BioCharger™ NG platform will typically cause no undesirable side effects. In some cases, there can be a detoxification effect, which is a confirmation that toxins are being released and discharged from the body. It is recommended that people increase water intake when utilising the BioCharger™ NG regularly. If you are healthy you may not have any reaction at all. However, reactions can vary from individual to individual.

This is a non-invasive, non-chemical method of improving one's health. There are no drugs, pills, or other products to buy or ingest. By simply sitting in front of the Biocharger™ for 15 minutes you can expect to feel recharged and renewed. People using the BioCharger™ NG's hundreds of preprogrammed recipes's have used this to relieve pain, treat symptoms of disease, recover better from physical work outs, relieve stress, prepare for better sleep, and a host of other benefits. Learn More... Call us or schedule your appointment online today. You will be glad you did!

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